What is a pendulum?

  • A pendulum is an object suspended by a cord, used for obtaining information which the normal senses are unable to access on a conscious level. You could improvise with an everyday object, such as a pendant, a chain, a plumb bob or a ring on a thread. However, a purpose made pendulum is best because it has a shape and geometry. This allows the swing to be more even, more sensitive and therefore more effective.
  • The pendulum, as an extension of the person using it, may be influenced both consciously and subconsciously making the responses accurate as well as inaccurate. Wishful thinking or a preconceived outcome can be magnified making the use of the pendulum in that instance ineffective. The user must take steps to prevent this. Insufficiently specific questioning can result in senseless responses.
  • The Pendulum is a tool that is used to help you access the collective consciousness and collective unconsciousness to you and your higher self. Pendulums can answer any sort of question for you, help you find lost items, do healings and adjust chakras. Pendulums connect you with your higher being and self; therefore it is important to keep in mind that these answers ultimately come from you.

What moves a pendulum?

  • Thought moves the pendulum. Thought directs the subconscious as to the direction in which the pendulum is to move. The subconscious uses the brain to send signals along the neurological pathways that control the muscle “twitches” that move the pendulum in the desired direction.
  • Gemstone pendulums are made from actual gemstones and not only do they contain the energies of the stones that they are made from, but they also are best suited for pendulum divination because these energies inside the stones will cause the pendulum to swing stronger giving you a more clear answer to your questions. Gemstones are also very pure forms of energy as long as they are properly cleansed.

How to choose the right pendulum?

  • Pendulums carry a vibration of their own, like crystals and gemstones. When you pick out your pendulum, if it feels right, ask it if it wants to come home with you. If the pendulum says “yes”, then you should get that one. If the pendulum says “no” then you should not get it. If purchasing a pendulum online, you can ask the seller to do that for you, if you purchase one from us we will be happy to ask the pendulum if it belongs to you or not. If you will need help please contact us on Also you can see which one you feel drawn too, even through the computer one can sense if the pendulum they are looking at is the one they should have.
  • You can choose the pendulum with certain stones to ask certain questions. For instance, if you want to ask about a love question, then use rose quartz pendulum. If you want to ask a spiritual question then you use amethyst pendulum.

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How to use a pendulum?

  • Most pendulums are on a chain or cord of some sort. You use it by holding the cord with your thumb and forefinger at the end and allowing the stone or pendulum part dangle. You can then ask it a question, usually yes and no questions are good to start off with. Please note that when you are using a pendulum, you need to be fully present in the moment and focused on the question at hand for it to work for you.

How do you get your answers?

  • Well first when getting a pendulum that you want to work with, one of the first things you do it ask the pendulum what means no and what means yes. Some pendulums will swing up and down for a no answer and some will swing left to right for a no answer. It is important for you to clarify that before you start working with the pendulum. Once you have established what means yes and no then you are ready to ask questions of the pendulum. After you have established what the directions for yes and no are, then you can start the process of asking it questions you know answers to already. That way you can verify if the swing of the pendulum is right.

**Please note that all healing or metaphysical properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions. Moirai does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.