4. Men’s necklace size 

  • The smallest necklace size available for men is typically 18 inches (45cm). An 18-inch (45cm) necklace will sit at the base of the neck on the average male.
    If you are looking for a slightly longer necklace, consider a 20-inch (50cm) necklace, which will lie directly on the collarbone of the average male. The 20-inch (50cm) necklace is the most common necklace length for men.
  • If you are looking for a necklace that falls below the collarbone, consider a 22-inch (55cm) necklace. The longest necklace size for men is typically a 24-inch (60cm) necklace, which will fall just above the sternum of the average man.

Selecting the right necklace length for the male body

  • Like their female counterparts, the most important factor for men to consider when selecting the appropriate necklace is their neck size. Men should follow the same guidelines for measuring their necks as women: using a soft measuring tape wrapped closely around the neck.
  • To get an accurate measurement, the tape should be snug, but not tight. Once you have determined your neck size, a general rule of thumb for men is to choose the second size up from their neck measurement. For example, if you measure your neck size at 16 inches (40cm), the smallest recommended necklace length would be 20 inches (50cm).
  • The most universally flattering chain length for men is 20 inches (50cm), or a necklace that sits at the collarbone. A slightly longer length (such as a 22-inch (55cm) or 24-inch (60cm) necklace) may be selected if the necklace is to be worn with a pendant, cross, medallion, emblem or sports charm.