Background * History

  • Larimar is a rare blue, gem-qualitiy variety of the mineral Pectolite. Blue Larimar is found only in one location in the world – the Dominican Republic. Its distinct blue color is owed to Calcium being replaced by Copper impurities. Its color can vary from white to light-blue and medium sky to volcanic blue. It was first discovered by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren in 1916 in the Dominican Republic. Recent »rediscovery« was in 1974 by local Dominican Miguel Méndez and a Norman Rilling, a visiting US Peace Corps volunteer. Together they named the stone after Méndez’s  daughter »Larissa« by combining the first letters of her name »Lari« with »Mar«, the Spanish word for sea. Larimar is known as ‘the Atlantis Stone’, based on old legends which claim that the Dominican Republic was once part of the lost city of Atlantis.

Healing * Metaphysical Properties

  • It is believed that the energy of Larimar can help to enhance spirituality and communication.
  • It is a stone which is able to soothe emotions, cool tempers and alleviate stress, bringing a feeling of calmness to its wearer.
  • Larimar is thought to be able to help with throat and cardiac disorders, and it is also good for blood pressure and alleviation of joint and arterial pain.
  • Larimar is commonly believed to be a calming stone, offering many incredible healing powers.
  • It is considered by some to aid in communication and is associated with the crown, heart, third eye and throat chakra.
  • Many alternative and holistic healers use Larimar for a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual healing practices.
  • Larimar will dissolve blockages within the chest, neck and head.
  • It will also relieve illnesses related to stress and high blood pressure, fight infection and treat disorders of the skin including to psoriasis, eczema, hives and rashes.


**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions. does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.

Gemological Properties

Chemical CompositionNaCa2Si3O8(OH)
Colorwhite, blue, green-blue, multicolored
Hardness  (Mohs)4.5-5
Specific Gravity2.7-2.9
Refractive Index1.59 to 1.65

Origin and Gemstone Sources

  • Dominican Republic


  • Larimar can be quite sensitive to strong pressure, high temperatures, and harsh household chemicals and cleaners. Avoid exposing Larimar to bleach or sulphuric acid. Larimar can be cleaned using warm, soapy water. Wipe down stones using only a soft cloth and be sure to rinse well to remove any soapy residue.
  • When storing gemstones or gemstone jewelry, store them inside a fabric-lined box or wrapped in a soft cloth separately from other type of gemstones to prevent damage or scratches.
  • It is best to remove any jewelry before engaging in any strenuous physical activity, such as exercise or sports
  • Avoid spraying perfume or hairspray on your precious gems.


  • Leo, Libra, Cancer, Aquarius