1. Women’s necklace size 

  • This guide will assist you with your next necklace purchase. First, learn how and where different necklace lengths fall on the body for women and men. Second, discover guidelines for selecting the right necklace length for your specific neck, height, face and body type. Selecting the right necklace length is important for showcasing your jewelry, accentuating your features, and framing your face. Necklace lengths come in a variety of sizes for men and women. Women’s necklaces typically range from 10 inches (25cm) to 48 inches (120cm) in length, whereas men’s necklaces typically range from 18 inches (46cm) to 24 inches (60cm) in length. When considering which necklace size to purchase, both men and women should consider the size of their neck and the length of the necklace clasp. Women may also want to consider their body shape, height, and face type.

Factors to consider before buying short necklaces

  • Depending on your neck size, 10-14 inch (25-35cm) necklaces wrap very closely around the neck. These necklaces may also be referred to as collar necklaces. If you want your necklace to sit at the neck, but with a looser fit, consider purchasing a 16 inch (40cm) necklace, which typically sits just above the collarbone. 18 inch (45cm) necklaces sit at the collarbone. Even though 18inch (45cm) necklaces are longer than typical collars or chokers, they will still appear to sit quite close to the neck. Pendants attached to 18 inch (45cm) necklaces will typically lie above the breastbone. 18 inch (45cm) necklaces are the most common necklace length and are often referred to as princess necklaces. If you want a necklace that sits just below the collarbone, but above the neckline, consider a 20 inch (50cm) necklace. The 20 inch (50cm) necklace length is common for many chains, strands, and lockets and are also known as a matinee. 22 inch (55cm) necklaces sit at or just above the top of the bust. This necklace length may also be called a matinee. In fact, a matinee necklace may range anywhere from 20- 24 inches (50-60cm) in length. A 24 inch (60cm) matinee will typically lie at or just below the center of the bust. 28-34-inch (70-85cm) necklaces hang at or below the bust. These necklaces may be wrapped around the neck twice to form a double strand. A necklace of 30 inches (75cm) in length is commonly referred to as an opera necklace, and a necklace of 36 inches (90cm) in length is commonly referred to as a rope or lariat necklace. A rope necklace is typically a long strand of beads without a clasp, whereas a lariat is simply used to describe a long necklace, beads or otherwise, with a clasp. Necklaces 40 inches (100cm) and longer will hang at or below the navel and are often wrapped two or three times around the neck to form a shorter, layered effect. Necklaces measuring more than 48 inches (120cm) may be wrapped or knotted around the neck without a clasp.

Selecting the right necklace length for the female body

  •  A gorgeous necklace is an important focal point on the female body. When selecting and investing in a new necklace – especially an expensive one – you should consider how the length of that necklace will look on your body. The most important body features to consider when selecting a necklace are your neck, your height, your body type, and your face shape.

Choosing the right necklace length for your neck

  • The most important factor to consider when selecting the appropriate necklace for your body type is your neck size. All necks vary, so a standard choker for the average female may be larger or smaller on your actual neck. If possible, measure your neck before purchasing any necklace, but it is especially important to measure your neck before purchasing a collar or choker, as it is designed for a tighter fit. The easiest and best way to measure your neck is with a soft measuring tape. Simply wrap the tape closely around your neck. To get an accurate measurement, the tape should be snug but not suffocating. Once you know your neck measurement, a good rule of thumb for selecting a collar or a choker is to go up one necklace size from your neck measurement. For example, if you measure your neck circumference at 14 inches (35cm), the minimum recommended collar or choker length would be 16 inches (40cm).

Choosing the right necklace length for your height

  • It is important to consider your height when selecting necklace length. Too long of a necklace may overwhelm a petite frame, whereas too short of a necklace may be lost on a more statuesque figure. This chart details guidelines for selecting necklace length based on your height:


recommended necklace length

Below 5’4″ (160cm)

16-20 inch (40-50cm) necklace lengths will look best on your body. A V-shaped style will help elongate your neckline and make you appear taller.

5’4″ to 5’7″


You can wear necklaces of any length.

5’7″ (170cm) or taller

You can wear necklaces of any length, but you will look particularly good in longer styles, as this accentuates your tall frame.

Choosing the right necklace length for your body type

  • Varying necklace lengths are an excellent way to accentuate certain body features and minimize others. For example, if you would like to subtly accent the bust, select a necklace that is 20-22 inches (50-55cm) in length, as it will draw attention just below the collarbone or above the top of the bust. Alternatively, if you are flat-chested, long and thin chains will look graceful and elegant on your body frame. If you have a full-figured body, do not wear necklaces that sit on or below the breast line, as this length necklace will not hang properly. Instead, try a necklace that sits slightly higher on the body, such as an 18- 22 inch (45-55cm) necklace.

Choosing the right necklace length for your face shape

  • Necklaces quite literally frame your face. Varying necklace lengths will affect how wide, narrow, long, short, angular or round your face appears. Thus, you can use your necklace length as a powerful tool to alter the way your face is perceived by others and accentuate your strongest facial features. Here are some guidelines for necklace length based on face shape:

face shape

recommended necklace length



10-16 inches


Choker-length necklaces will soften and diminish the sharp angle of a heart-faced chin.


26-36 inches


Longer necklaces elongate the jaw line. Round-faced individuals should avoid collar and choker necklaces, as these necklaces will accentuate the roundness of the face.

Rectangular and oblong



Choker-length necklaces ostensibly shorten the length of the jaw, which will smooth the angles on rectangular faces.



Oval-shaped faces can typically wear any necklace length with graceful ease.

2. Bracelet Size

  • Before you buy a bracelet, you need to know the real size. It is very simple to measure your bracelet size. Just take a soft sewing measure (meter), a strip of paper or a simple cord and pull tightly to get the most accurate reading. If you prefer a snug, wrist-hugging fit, use the actual measured circumference of your wrist. If you like a draping, looser fit, increase your measurement by a ¼” (0.60cm) or ½” (1.20cm) depending on your taste. Also, keep in mind that larger or chunky bracelets may fit more tightly than thin bracelets.


  • To measure for proper fit, hold the hand and fingers outstretched, but cupped as if putting on a mitten. Measure around the widest part of your hand, which is generally the base knuckles.





3-6 months



6-12 months



18-24 months



2 yrs



3 yrs



4-5 yrs



6-7 yrs




Hand /   Knuckle (inch)

Hand / Knuckle (cm)




Women small



Women medium



Women large



Men small



Men medium



Men large

3. Ring Size

  • Before you buy a ring, you need to know your ring size. It is very simple to measure your ring size. Just take a soft sewing measure (meter), a strip of paper or a simple cord and pull tightly to get the most accurate reading. Remember to measure across the knuckle of your chosen finger since this is the widest part of your finger. Measure your finger in the evening, when it is wider. If you know your ring size in inches or millimeters, check our ring size conversion chart to find out what ring size you need to order.

RING SIZE CONVERSION CHART (International Ring Sizes)

Inside Diameter (mm)Inside Diameter (inch)Inside Circumference (mm)Inside Circumference (inch)USA & CanadaUK, AU & NZEuropean
120.47437.81.488 A 
12.20.48238.41.513 A 1/2 
12.60.49839.71.5641 1/4B 1/2 
12.90.50640.41.5891 1/2C 
13.10.514411.6141 3/4C 1/2 
13.50.5342.31.6642 1/4D 1/2 
13.70.53842.91.6892 1/2E2.75
13.90.54643.51.7142 3/4E 1/2 
14.30.56244.81.7653 1/4F 1/25.25
14.50.5745.51.793 1/2G 
14.70.57846.11.8153 3/4G 1/26.5
15.10.59447.41.8654 1/4H 1/27.75
15.30.602481.894 1/2I 
15.50.6148.71.9154 3/4J9
15.70.61849.31.9415J 1/2 
15.90.62649.91.9665 1/4K10
16.10.63450.61.9915 1/2K 1/2 
16.30.64251.22.0165 3/4L11.75
16.50.6551.82.0416L 1/212.75
16.70.65852.52.0666 1/4M12.75
16.90.66653.12.0916 1/2M 1/214
17.10.67453.82.1166 3/4N 
17.30.68254.42.1417N 1/215.25
17.50.69552.1677 1/4O 
17.70.69855.72.1927 1/2O 1/216.5
17.90.70656.32.2177 3/4P 
18.10.71456.92.2428P 1/217.75
18.30.72257.62.2678 1/4Q 
18.50.7358.22.2928 1/2Q 1/2 
18.70.73858.92.3178 3/4R19
18.90.74659.52.3429R 1/2 
19.20.75460.12.3689 1/4S20.25
19.40.76260.82.3939 1/2S 1/2 
19.60.7761.42.4189 3/4T21.5
19.80.77862.12.44310T 1/2 
200.78662.72.46810 1/4U 
20.20.79463.32.49310 1/2U 1/222.75
20.60.8164.62.54311V 1/2 
20.80.81865.22.56911 1/4W25
210.82665.92.59411 1/2W 1/2 
21.20.83466.52.61911 3/4X 
21.40.84267.22.64412X 1/227.5
21.60.8567.82.66912 1/4Y 
21.80.85868.42.69412 1/2Z28.75
220.86669.12.71912 3/4Z 1/2 
22.40.88270.32.76913 1/4Z1 
22.60.89712.79513 1/2  
22.80.89871.62.8213 3/4Z2 
23.20.91472.92.8714 1/4  
23.40.92273.52.89514 1/2Z4 
23.60.9374.22.9214 3/4  
240.94675.42.9715 1/4  
24.20.95476.12.99615 1/2  
24.40.96276.73.02115 3/4  

4. Men’s necklace size 

  • The smallest necklace size available for men is typically 18 inches (45cm). An 18-inch (45cm) necklace will sit at the base of the neck on the average male. If you are looking for a slightly longer necklace, consider a 20-inch (50cm) necklace, which will lie directly on the collarbone of the average male. The 20-inch (50cm) necklace is the most common necklace length for men. If you are looking for a necklace that falls below the collarbone, consider a 22-inch (55cm) necklace. The longest necklace size for men is typically a 24-inch (60cm) necklace, which will fall just above the sternum of the average man.

Selecting the right necklace length for the male body

  • Like their female counterparts, the most important factor for men to consider when selecting the appropriate necklace is their neck size. Men should follow the same guidelines for measuring their necks as women: using a soft measuring tape wrapped closely around the neck. To get an accurate measurement, the tape should be snug, but not tight. Once you have determined your neck size, a general rule of thumb for men is to choose the second size up from their neck measurement. For example, if you measure your neck size at 16 inches (40cm), the smallest recommended necklace length would be 20 inches (50cm). The most universally flattering chain length for men is 20 inches (50cm), or a necklace that sits at the collarbone. A slightly longer length (such as a 22-inch (55cm) or 24-inch (60cm) necklace) may be selected if the necklace is to be worn with a pendant, cross, medallion, emblem or sports charm.